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Two British comic book nerds named Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost) have travelled to America for a huge comic book convention and to visit all the sites of major extra terrestrial importance. On the way to their second site, they stop off at a cafĂ©, where two soldiers confront them. As they hurriedly leave, they reverse into the soldiers’ car, leaving a dent. At the next site, they see a car blasting towards them and, believing it to be the soldiers, they speed off in their RV. Eventually, the car catches up, and they realize that it is not the soldiers. As it overtakes, it speeds off the road, rolls several times, and comes to a halt in a field. The two shocked men get out to investigate. When they realize that the vehicle is empty and begin phoning the emergency services, they hear a voice telling them not to. 
They turn around, and a little green alien comes into view, smoking a cigar, and introduces himself as Paul. Clive faints, and Paul explains to Graeme that he is on the run and needs their help. Graeme agrees to let him come. When Clive wakes up, he is not happy about the idea, but is eventually brought around.

Along the way, they are forced to take with them a Christian named Ruth (Kristen Wiig), who, until Paul shows her his memories, believes that there is nothing outside Earth and that God created humans. When he shatters her faith in Christianity, she suddenly becomes eager to ‘sin’, which she was not allowed to do before by her controlling father, who pursues them. She initially doesn't trust Paul, but to prove himself trustworthy, he heals her eye, as she has been blind in it since the age of four. The whole way, three secret agents, apparently eager to kill Paul under orders from a woman over the radio, have tailed them.
Dated Released : 14 February 2011
Quality : [CAM-Kualitas Buruk]
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Starring : Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen
Genre : Adventure | Comedy | Sci-Fi
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